I’ve been seeing all over social media lately various opinions over the upcoming U.S. Presidential candidates and subsequent elections.  They all tend towards the “You’re a Moron if you Vote for X”, or “If you’re voting for X, unfriend me”, or “X is a fool”, blah blah yadda yadda yadda.

Of course I have my own opinions on who I would vote for, and perhaps more specifically would vote against. I, too, have an asshole, and like everyone else’s opinions it too is likely just as full of shit.

Honestly tho? I don’t care who you vote for. I mean, I *do*…but I don’t. Vote Hillary. Vote Drumpf. Write in your vote for Sanders, for Cruz, for Fiorina, for Mickey goddamn mouse.

But just vote. Don’t sit at home and grumble because your preferred candidate didn’t make it. That’s just bullshit. Make a choice, don’t abstain from participating because you’re feeling pouty. Sheesh.  All the people in this nation that had to fight just to be able to vote, to have their voice counted…don’t waste that.