Every writer, I think, feels they have “The Novel” ™ buried deep within themselves.  With a bit of patience, hard work, and lots of sleepless nights we can bring it from a possibility to a reality…

I’m no different, naturally.  I’ve had no prior “education” with writing, beyond the usual high school and college courses.  What I’ve discovered since starting with this idea is that the process of writing a novel – as opposed to technical documents, or short stories – is vastly different from anything  I’ve done before.  It has been incredibly educational in discovering who I am as a writer, and what I’m capable of.

I’ve reached a confidence level now where I feel comfortable saying with conviction “I can do this!” It’s just finding the time to actually do so, without neglecting the day job or relationships.  But I am hard at work on my ideas, and I’m hoping to soon have this space filled with my completed (and for sale!) works. Soon. I swear.  For now, enjoy the archives!

For those more mature and open minded readers, there is an Easter egg nestled away on this site. Not hard to find, but the writing there is more risqué and not for the faint, or more importantly young, of heart.  You have been warned.