I am, and always have been, a person with a need to create.  In Elementary School it was tiny little hand-drawn pocket comic books that I sold to other kids in my class for a nickel or dime. By Junior High School I was doing calligraphy and writing flyers for my grandmother’s church, and High School introduced me to architectural drafting and computer programming.  Oddly enough it wasn’t until my college years that I explored writing as anything other than something I did for schoolwork, and my introduction to Dungeons & Dragons during that period got me into game design. Today I’ve included photography and cooking into that mix, but my heart is always with writing – storytelling, to be specific.

I’ve been involved with several projects over the years, with two of my “successes” coming in the form of having two computer games published in the late 1980s, and taking over the writing duties for a now-defunct start-up game company, Living Mask Productions, in the creation of their online graphical world “Illusia: Quest for the Eternals”.

The former netted me all of about a hundred or so dollars, the latter a fat zero as the game design was voluntary and the game itself never quite made it to full production.  But still; feathers in my cap, and all that.

I’ve managed to hold on to various documents through the years, and was only recently able to get digital copies of my game programs.  I’d also dug up some old poetry which I’m not exactly proud of, but it does reflect a body of work I’d created so I’d be remiss if I didn’t put it up here with all the rest.