So, occasionally I like to put the cute, playful monkey away and let his raunchier, cheeky-monkey cousin come out.

The difference, I suppose, is that while you get your freaky-deaky on where no one but your partner, your other partner, and the cameras you’ve got hidden away can see you…the exhibitionist in me likes to share my fantasies with as much of the public as I can.

Now, the police in these parts tend to take issue with that;  I can’t imagine why. Really, what’s a little public exposure between total strangers.   So, in order to keep the wolves at bay (and to separate the family-safe PG-13 writing from the NC-17, unrated stuff) I started  Trickster Studios where I – under the nom de plume, Eriq Charles – publish the occasional digital work of erotica fiction.

They’re simple short stories I call “Quickies” (you see what I did there), with a much larger series or two on the way.  I’m also hoping to have a harem, err, stable of other writers I do editing for, all publishing under the Trickster Studios name. For now, browse on over to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon and choose your weapon: Nook, or Kindle.  I don’t discriminate, not when it comes to bedroom…stories.

Trickster Studios

Have fun. I know I will.


Trickster Studios: “Quickies”
Erotic short stories, just 99¢ each. Get a little bang, for just a buck.


Subway Surprised thumb • Vol 1: Subway Surprised

What happens on the subway during rush hour, stays on the subway. One man’s unexpected adventure on his morning commute.

Available now!


Fare Play thumb • Vol 2: Turnabout is “Fare” Play

Jenny thought she’d have the time of her life at the party, but the real fun was going to happen on her way home…

Available now!


 Elevator Shafted thumb • Vol 3: Elevator Shafted
Cumming soon!