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I sit, and watch the darkness surround me.
It blinds me, seeping into my heart, my mind,
my soul...cutting off the senses, numbing the body,
leaving me in a quiet solitude.
I feel ripped from reality, my soul torn from
the very fabric of the universe; I feel depleted,
empty inside, like an empty sack, longing to be filled.

Once, not so long ago, I could ignore the darkness.
Once, not so long ago, a light shined down upon me; a ray of hope,
a beam of love and kindness...a light that was
beautiful, comforting, caring, loving, a light of hope and a light of strength.
I embraced the light, longing to be a part of it; it filled the very
core of my being, lifting my spirit to heights never before dreamed of.
I became a part of the heavens, my soul mingling with the essence of love.
I felt a love I never dreamed possible,
dreamed of a future that I never imagined,
imagined a life of love and happiness that would never be rivaled.

Until the darkness came.

And now, I embrace the darkness.
Not because I choose to,
but because embracing the darkness is the only way
I can possibly survive.
The light is gone from my life; there is nothing but emptiness,
a cold shadow that chills even on the hottest of days.
There is no comfort, there is no hope, there is no love.
here is only existance, because that is all I have left to me.