Yesterday I had the good fortune to participate in New York City’s ZombieCon flash mob for the first time, and I have to tell you it was a tiring blast! Just being able to “get my zombie on” was incentive enough, but to be able to join literally hundreds of other faux-infected in wandering Times Square (among other places) made it an event worth talking about.

By sheer luck, my picture (along with a friend’s) was featured in a local free daily, Metro NYC – which was kind of nice, having friends contact me to tell me they saw my undead-face in the news.

If I have any regret, it’s that I took the easy way out and did our makeup in the stereotypical halloween-ish zombie – more of a recent accident victim then a decomposed corpse.  I take some comfort in knowing that nearly everyone else there did the same, because let’s be honest – blood sells!  But if I had to do all over again (meaning, if I do it again this year) I’ll try to be much more putrid and gangrened, with more decomposition and less blood donor gone bad.

Rawr. Brains!