Oh Anthony Weiner, when will the fun ever end?

For those living outside of the New York tri-state area, Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner is a former Congressman brought down by a sexting scandal, where he sent sexually suggestive pics via Twitter to a woman who was very much not his wife.  At least for two separate periods, because he did it again a year AFTER the initial scandal that forced him to resign.

Which wouldn’t concern the general public here, if he hadn’t already announced his candidacy for NYC Mayor.

During his second dalliance he at least had the fore…sight to use an alias: Carlos Danger, itself now having become the latest meme du jour:

Carlos Danger

(he doesn’t really have a handlebar mustache)


To be…frank…I could care less that Anthony can’t keep from putting his Little Weiner on display.  Really.  I think he should just own it, call himself an exhibitionist and be done with it.  “Yes, that IS my weiner.  ‘Chu like?”

But here’s the catch.  While I have no problem with the idea that my potential mayor has his sexual peculiarities, what I do have a problem with is that he’s proving himself to be a habitual liar.  Even worse, by my standards: he’s a BAD liar.

Take his reaction to the original scandal.  When it…came…out that his crotch-shot was accidentally sent non-private, rather than chuckle it off and claim he sent it to the wrong person (I sure as hell would have, and found some obscure reason why I’d have confused this woman and my wife), he pulled a Shaggy and said “It wasn’t me.”

Then it became: “Someone must have hacked my account.”

Really, Tony? That’s your story and you’re sticking with it, huh?

If you can’t lie when busted because of a cockshot, you sure as hell won’t be able to lie convincingly when you tell me why you need to cut civil services out of the budget.  This is not a quality I want in a politician!! Lie to me, dammit, and make it good! Make ME feel good! Give me a reason to be mad at you later, for fucking shit up – but you’ll be out of office by then, so what do you care?

But don’t think I’m gonna vote you into office KNOWING you’re an idiot.  Who do you think you are? George W. Bush?

BTW: the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” phrase apparently came about because in Vegas “back when”, you were able to buy a 3-piece chicken dinner with potatoes and veggies for $1.79.  A standard bet was $2, so if you won you had enough for a chicken dinner.