Gods know why I’m doing this, because honestly I’m not a fan of poetry. I’m just…not. But I’m sure that’s just part of my emotionally-closed Capricornian nature.

Having said that: there was a time when I’d gone through a period of severe emotional highs and lows. Which in Poet-Scientist terms translates to a percolating hotbed of raw material, just ripe for the birth of insightful prose.

The way, I guess, stagnant water gives rise to diseases 😀

I keed, I keed. Kind of. The point I’m making here is that I did, in fact, go through a poetry phase. I’ve “lost” most of it in the course of due time, but a few items somehow managed to escape my self-destructive attention. In typical “me” fashion it’s all rather dark and gloomy and reeks of gothic emo style (which isn’t really a bad thing); I could pretend it didn’t exist and “disappear” it, but some of you out there might actually like this stuff – so here they are, in all their passion and glory.  Enjoy.